Hotmail Credit Card login/Signin

HOTMAIL LOGIN When you log on to  Hotmail you will find several functions s and features with a modern outlay.  Hot mail is also known as outlook mail. There are calendars and task functions as well as contact organized and webmail facilities which one can enjoy in the new Hotmail inbox.  With outbox and Hotmail merged as a new web-based email platform, there is more accessibility provided and attracts more users across the world. Nowadays it is very important to communicate by email to everyone just like Google, Microsoft lets you manage your email from your mobile phone, so you can connect it at any time and anywhere.  In Hotmail incur session, signing in from your Smartphone and tablet browser is easy and free.

hotmail login/signup

hotmail login/signup


For Hotmail connection, you need  Hotmail, outlook or directly email id.  Hotmail has a great system spam filter/junk outside the antivirus and anti-phishing features.  When it is run by one of the largest software companies in the world, it is regularly updated and very rarely the system does not provide services.  Hotmail email is also known as Hotmail email Hotmail song.  No is very easy to create account and Hotmail sign in all devices. The login steps for Hotmail account were simple in the initial days.  The following steps required to be completed to log into Hotmail accounts:

  • One could access the Hotmail domain by typing or
  • One could lof on through the MSN home page or Hotmail main page.
  • The login panel only required one to key in their username and password.

One could check the option to stay logged in.  This helped them to be able to access their inbox directly and was recommended for single user systems. The above steps mentioned helps to users to log into their respective Hotmail accounts.  However, this simplified login process helps along with ordinary password choice and incorrect use of computers led to breaches in the security of email accounts.  However, today Microsoft introduced several features that will help to make logging into the account a more secure experience and ensure that your account does not get hacked very easily also.

Some of the best features of Hotmail login are:

  • Functions of Hotmail webmail service will stand out more if you use on your personal computer.
  • This tool is based on storing files in a cloud.  when entering Hotmail, sign in, where you store all the content you need and always have access to it.
  • Changes you make in these files are automatically saved, so you will not have any trouble with writing them.
  • In SkyDrive, you can share photos and files, post to the web, integrate office.  It is compatible with some operating systems.


Nowadays people all over the world make use of different service providers to create their email account.  Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail are some of the major of this industry today.  Hotmail itself a choice of the different domain name to its users – @Sign In, @Hotmail, Outlook, Skype, Bing, Latest News, Photos, and videos.  The best part is that you can create your email address with any of these domain name extension for free.  However, Hotmail was started in the year 1996, and within a year had more than 8 million users of it.  Hotmail was renamed as MSN Hotmail.  Later it was again renamed as Windows Live Hotmail, as we also know it today.  Currently, user count stands at around 350 million, and it is still growing.



  • The metro based interface design of Outlook can be enjoyed by Hotmail users as well.
  • One will enjoy unlimited storage as well as new calendar and contact management features.
  • It is easy to integrate one’s Hotmail account with the different Microsoft services.  these include Office Online, OneDrive, Skype, and others.  These make it even more beneficial and attractive to the existing Hotmail users or new ones.
  • The account security aspects have been enhanced to ensure that users have a secure email experience as well as be able to log onto their account through mobile devices.
  • The login process of the new unified webmail platform of Hotmail provides access to whole new inbox experience.  One will find their old and existing correspondence which can be arranged with the new features and amenities that are provided on the platform. There are easy setup features to organize clutter email as well as to organize in different folders.
  • There are several new features to enjoy as well, such as OneDrive, Skype, Office online and other services that Microsoft provides.  While OneDrive and Office are part of the inbox experience, there are other services that one can enjoy the login details of Hotmail.



Mostly our Email contains a lot of important mail, personal data, sensitive business information and so on. It is therefore imperative that you do not take your sign in process casually.  First of all, use a strong password.  To learn what is considered a strong password and how to generate strong passwords.  In any case, now, outlook or Hotmail has decided to disallow weak passwords like 123456, etc., if you wish, you can make your password expire after 72 days. Security is another aspect that has been revamped for Hotmail users.  There is the option of the two-step verification process which one can activate for their account.

There are additional details that are required as input in the security settings of the account of Hotmail.  One needs to save additional details like an alternative email address as well as a registered phone number.

  • Both details need to be verified.  When these details are saved in the account, these can be used to retrieve lost password as well as verify one’s account access if Microsoft detects a login attempt from a different device.
  •   In case one has forgotten their account password of Hotmail, there are different ways can retrieve the same:
  • There is a link provided below the login panel.  By clicking on this link, one os the next page where one needs to key in the alternate email address provided choose to get a text message with tier registered number.
  • Once the verification is done, one is provided access to create a new password for their account.


  •  First, you need to visit the official website hotmail.cpom.  As Hotmail has changed to outlook, then automatically outlook page will open.
  • Now to access Outlook, you need to log in the Website.  Enter the email address and password and click on login.  You can also set a simple setting as to check the ‘Keep me signed in’ box as this will automatically access your email home age without logging in.
  • In case you forget your password, you need to reset the password by clicking on can’t access my account.  It will redirect to a new page, and there you need to choose ‘I forgot my password’ and click o next.
  • Now you will be redirected to a new page where you need to verify your identity as there are two options to send the code like SMS or Email, you can choose any one of them to reset the password and then you can easily signup to Hotmail easily through Hotmail official site.
  • Once you receive the code or link then use it and reset the password.
  • You can also have another security login as 2-step verification process in which it makes your account more protected.
  • In this process, an extra code will be sent to you every time as you log in to your account.  To set up this 2-step verification, you need to go security page settings and choose 2-step verification, you need to go security page settings and choose 2-step verification, and you have to provide your number as it will be used to send the verification codes.


The updates keep rolling in for Windows Live.  This goes around, Hotmail gets new security features. Some new features of Hotmail are:

hotmail sign up

hotmail sign up

  • Hotmail detects legitimate user accounts are compromised and treats them differently than accounts that spammers set up themselves to send spam, working with the user to help them recover their account.
  • New account proofs that identify which personal computers and Windows Phones are trusted to access your Hotmail accounts.
  • More secure proofs. previously users could add/remove proofs with just their password.  Now, the ability to validate an existing proof is required to change them.
  • Closure back-doors the hijacker may try to leave open.  When a compromised account is detected, it is locked to prevent further abuse, and vacation auto-reply messages and linked accounts are suspended.

Everyone must need this feature.  This is a most important feature that Level A security features are available in Windows to live Hotmail.  It’s there, but the only Login to save user Login credentials for finishing attacks.  HTTPS now enters Hotmail throughout the session, logging in and browsing Email. Windows Live and Hotmail will become more popular as Windows Phone 7 devices begin hitting the shelves in October/November.  The more widely used, the greater potential for security threats. The features of Hotmail are designed to address malicious accounts and to keep hijackers out of legitimate accounts.  If you feel your Hotmail account has been comprised or are having trouble accessing it, you can visit Windows Live’s Account recovery site to re-establish your account.


Soon Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft.  This email service became association when one had onto MSN the login procedures were simple: The username and password were the fields that had to be filled in. There was an option to save these details so that one could easily open an account. The steps were basic and the process that existed for recovery of one’s account was even simpler.  There was l link provided for recovery of password below the login panel.  All one needed to do was to ensure that they provided an alternate email address as well.  Here the password would be sent as an email which allowed one to use the same to login into their Hotmail account. The Outlook Web email service was then launched by Microsoft.  Outlook had always been a desktop based mail server system for window users.  It was recently launched as a free email service that one can access the public web.  With the integration of all email services under the LIve domain, Outlook launched led to further integration.  Microsoft integrated Hotmail as well under the same domain.  Today the login panel for Outlook as well as Hotmail has been synonymous and one can use the same integrated login platform for gaining access to either of the web-based email domains. Hotmail account users might find it confusing as their email accounts have migrated several times.

Wrap Up:

However the domain of had been kept active for a long time and even today, if you type in on your web browser, you would be redirected to  Even, if you are unaware of the changes, you can be sure that finding Hotmail sign in the link would be easy on Live or Outlook domain.